Peterborough Sailability “PS” wants to encourage a safe, pleasant, and efficient sailing experience. This can only happen when everyone cooperates and commits to appropriate standards. The following is a list of rules and regulations that Peterborough Sailability considers appropriate. 


  • Bookings must be made in advance to guarantee a sail.
  • For PS to run an efficient experience Individuals or Groups must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to allocated booking time. Failure to arrive on time may result in a shorter sailing experience.
  • PS must be advised of booking cancelations in advance of the booking time. Bookings can be cancelled by phone, text, email, online booking contact or in person.
  • Should an Individual or Group fail to advise cancelation for 4 consecutive bookings, PS will cancel all future bookings for the Individual or Group.


  • PS provides usage of 2 electric shore hoists to support individual who require hoisting into the Challenger Boats. A further manual hoist is available on the pontoon to support individuals who require hoisting into the Lugger Boats.
  • Hoist slings are also available for the use of Sailors. (Max weight of 200 kg
  • Hoists must be operated by Trained Individual Carers; PS are unable to operate hoists due to insurance and safety regulations.
  • PS will pause, where possible, or stop any hoisting operations if they believe the process is not being carried out safely.
  • The safe working load for the electric shore hoist is 200 kg and the manual pontoon hoist is 120 kg.
  • Individuals exceeding the safety limits must not attempt to use the hoists.


  • Before any boat is launched the Carers must advise the PS Buddies or the Senior Instructor of anything that may hinder the safety of the sailing session or PS Buddy.
  • Any behavior that PS deem as compromising safety of boats or PS Buddies can lead to an Individual or Group being excluded from future sailing activity.
  • All our sailing boats have a safe maximum weight loading, in the event of a person, or group of persons exceeding these restrictions, it might be necessary to decline the offer to sail, or the number of people allowed on board might be reduced. To prevent any embarrassment, it would be helpful when booking to advise reception of any persons weighing in excess of 120 kg (18.9 stone)
  • Any decision regarding safety by the PS Senior Instructor is final and not negotiable.

Carers Responsibilities

  • Any change of Carer’s primary contact details must be advised to the office.
  • Before any boat is launched the Carers must advise the PS Buddies or the Senior Instructor of anything that may hinder the safety of the sailing session or PS Buddy.
  • Carers with Sailor responsibility that are not accompanying the Sailor during the session must be available on shore throughout the session, in case of an early return. Where possible be also in visible contact with the boat the Sailor they are responsible for is sailing in.
  • The PS volunteers will stay with the Sailor at the end of the sailing session until contact has been made with the carer responsible. Any delay will jeopodise the smooth operation of the sailings throughout the day.
  • Carers must ensure that the individual sailors under their responsibility are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions, including sun protection cream applied where conditions are sunny. Waterproof clothing is available from PS where required.

Black Flag Days

  • Black Flag days are defined as days when sailing days or part of days are cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Black Flag cancellations will be advised as soon as operational possible, often the decision is made on the day of sailing.
  • PS will advise of the cancelations on their PS Website. Facebook and PS mobile out of office message. Every effort will also be made by PS to text individuals on the primary mobile number supplied, time permitting.