SOP 02a Health and safety for occassional helpers

Health & Safety Briefing for Occasional Volunteer Helpers

Welcome to Peterborough Sailability

You will be involved with the launch and recovery of our boats here on Gunwade Lake.  We have qualified Buddies who take people with disabilities out sailing.

  • Our Shore-master controls the launch and recovery of boats by radio; each boat has a unique number and goes out sailing for approximately 30 minutes.
  • Buoyancy Aids must be worn at all times during the launch and recovery of boats. In addition, we have a selection of Waders for your use.
  • Our Sailors embark onto the boat onshore and then a minimum of two person’s guide the boat down the slipway onto the water.
  • It is the Carer’s responsibility to embark and disembark the Sailor. We can assist where appropriate.
  • Be aware of the sudden movement of the boom on the boats particularly in windy conditions.
  • When a boat is called in a minimum of two persons receive the boat. In windy conditions care must be taken when receiving boats.
  • The Quad bike is used to pull the boats up the slipway. Before the Quad bike reverses up the slipway a Banksman needs to be standing at the top of the slipway to ensure nobody walks behind the Quad bike.
  • In the unlikely event of a fire, we have Fire Wardens. Our Evacuation Assembly Point is outside the main gate on the left. All boats on the water will be directed to come ashore in front of the main Water-sports Centre.  The Safety Boat will also be launched to instruct and support people in the boats.
  • We have a team of trained First Aiders. The relevant names are displayed in the Clubroom.
  • We have a safeguarding responsibility for all our clients.
  • Do not attempt any task that you do not feel confident about. If you observe anything that causes you concern, don’t hesitate to mention it to the Shore-master.

Thank you for coming along to help us.

Health & Safety Officer for Peterborough Sailability

Version 05 dated 21 March 2023