SOP 07 Shore Masters Role

Shore Master’s Role

The Shore Master’s principal role is to control the daily sailing of Peterborough Sailability.  Safety is paramount.  The policies of Peterborough Sailability must be upheld at all times.

  1. The Shore Master is solely responsible for matching clients with buddies, consulting with the Duty SI, the Safety boat driver and Nene Outdoor’s as necessary.

To meet these requirements, the following shall be adhered to:

Safety Note:  If at any time there is evidence, either visually or audibly, of there being lightening in the local area, sailing is to STOP IMMEDIATELY.  Sailing is not to recommence until 30 minutes after the last lightening is seen or heard. 

Depending upon the weather conditions and other boating activities on the lake at the time, the duty SI will determine the limits of the sailing area, which all sailors and buddies must adhere to; just remember if you cannot see the sailing control office they cannot see you!

General Duties

  • From the pre-booked clients list and in conjunction with the duty SI, decide how many sailing boats and what types need to be rigged based on the following criteria:
  • The availability of boats: This will depend on the boat maintenance schedule for the day and any boat faults that are awaiting repair.
  • The availability of our suitably qualified helpers and buddies, which could change during the day.
  • Record on the daily sailing log, and revise during the day.
  • As the sailors arrive and with the assistance of the Sailor Scheme Co-ordinator if necessary, determine the sailor’s abilities and what tasks they may be completing on the water.
  • Once the sailor is booked-in and before sailing commences, the buddy allocated to the particular sailor should be briefed and consulted regarding the sailor’s requirements.
  • Once these introductions are made, it becomes the responsibility of the buddy to look after the sailor.
  • Before sailing has commenced complete a radio check with all key personnel as and when required (refer to SOP 09 Radio Procedures, as required).
  • Determine the timing of the sail with regard to the following guidelines:
  • When buddy/shore crew training is taking place, consider extending the time of specific sailings but not at the detriment of providing boats to sailors.
  • Maintain a dialogue with the carers, family and helper.
  • After each sail, buddies must report to the office and inform the Sailor Scheme Co-ordinator of the sailor’s achievements.

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